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After a storm, homeowners are primarily concerned about their roof and siding, but damage to gutters and downspouts are just as likely to occur and can cause further damage to the home if not properly restored. Simon Construction will thoroughly inspect your home after a storm and specify and install gutters and roof drainage systems neatly and efficiently, whether they are aluminum, vinyl or copper.

The gutter (also referred to as an eaves trough) is critically important to protecting the homes structure. Not only does it drain water off of the roof, it also prevents the shingles and underlying support system from rotting. Over time, gutters should be repaired or replaced. Additionally, gutters and downspouts dont have to be unattractive. Through the use of modern materials and fabrication methods, Simon Construction will create custom made gutters on site that not only fits perfectly and performs correctly, but also is pleasing to the eye and matches or compliments your homes exterior. Contact us today to learn more about out Gutter and Downspout service.


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